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Ilmu Komputer takes part in efforts to educate the Indonesian people, especially in computer science education by inviting Indonesians to share knowledge through writing. Ilmu Komputer has developed into an open community that has many members, and carries out activities in the field of free and cheap education. Ilmu Komputer hope that it can be an alternative to free non-formal education in the field of computer science in Indonesia, and to motivate communities in other fields to produce similar works in other fields of course.

Ilmu Komputer website uses domain name that is a very old domain, about 21 years. It is known that domain name was registered in 2003. Description about Ilmu Komputer is E Learning community that distributes literature and lecture materials freely and for free in the field of computer science and information technology in Indonesian. On November 17, 2020, Ilmu Komputer website is stored in computers directory at Web Directory Indonesia. The content on Ilmu Komputer website is related to computers and have some topics and informative information discussed on this website. This site has a content search function but does not function, it would be better to fix it soon. Anyone interested in this website due to design and layout of web pages is quite simple. The font size is too small, it is better to increase the font size to make it easier to read. This site looks nice with suitable colors and images combination. The appearance of the web page looks a bit crowded but still great. This website has main navigation. This is very helpful for visitors when browsing the site. Main navigation is well located on this web pages making it user friendly and fast accessible. Ilmu Komputer website has some advertisements. However, you can ignore it if you feel disturbed. After tracking seo performance on Ilmu Komputer web pages, the result is good and the number of links to domain is already several. Ilmu Komputer website has also been indexed on several search engines, so it is easy to find it. Overall, this is a great website and informative. Related to computers, Web Directory Indonesia propose Ilmu Komputer and you will not regret visiting this site.

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