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Bank Indonesia has full autonomy in formulating and implementing each of its duties and authorities as stipulated in the law. Outside parties are not allowed to interfere in the implementation of Bank Indonesia duties, and Bank Indonesia is also obliged to reject or ignore any intervention from any party. This special status and position is required so that Bank Indonesia can perform its role and function as the monetary authority more effectively and efficiently.

Bank Indonesia website can be accessed through domain name that is a very old domain, more or less 24 years. It is known that in 2000 domain name was registered. Description about Bank Indonesia is BI as an independent Central Bank in carrying out its duties and authorities. Bank Indonesia website was listed on Web Directory Indonesia in bank directory on February 27, 2021. The content on Bank Indonesia website is related to bank and have some topics and engaging information presented on this website. There is a content search function on this site unfortunately there seems have a problem, hope this is fixed soon. This website is liked by everyone due to layout and design of web pages is very good and professional. This website looks nice with suitable combination of color and image. Bank Indonesia site is really easy on the eyes because the appearance of the web page is well organized. Main navigation is on the Bank Indonesia website. This is very helpful for visitors when browsing the site. Sub menu on the main navigation is displayed attractively and neatly, move slide down with transparent blue background. This website puts main navigation on web pages properly making it user friendly and fast accessible. Another good thing is that the web pages has no advertisements. So that when you explore this website it will feel more comfortable. After checking seo performance on Bank Indonesia web pages, the result is pretty good and the number of links to domain is already several. It is easy to find Bank Indonesia website because it is indexed on several search engines. In conclusion, this is a cool website and engaging. Related to bank, you will definitely prefer Bank Indonesia and you will not regret visiting this site.

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