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Tourism Directory contains information about tourism and a list of tourism websites in Indonesia that provide information about tourist attractions, recreation activities, festival events, and others.

Information About Tourism


What is Tourism ? Tourism is a trip made for recreation or vacation. A tourist is someone who travels far from his home for recreational purposes. Tourist destinations can be domestic or international, and people usually go to tourist spots while on vacation.

Vacations are often spent with friends or family. A tour can be a travel activity alone or together to gain insight, have fun, and relieve stress and boredom by enjoying the objects and attractions of tourist attractions.

Tourist attraction is everything there is in the tourist destination interesting to look and perceived to make tourists would come to visit the place. In Indonesia, so many tourist attractions that offers beautiful sights and fun, and with the number of tourists or travelers visiting it can provide benefits to the local community residents. Indonesian tourism is an important component of the Indonesian economy as well as a significant source of foreign exchange for the country.

List of Tourism Websites in Indonesia

Aneka Tempat Wisata

Platform or community with various holiday tips, culinary, souvenirs, tours and promotions updated and free vacations.

Indonesia Travel

Catch a glimpse of Indonesian bewitching attractions without having to put on your shoes and discover the ultimate destination that matches your soul. So go ahead and steal a glance at your ideal holiday.

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