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What is Stories ? Story is any account of a series of related events or experiences. The series of events conveyed by the authors either originate from real or unreal events. unreal events in the story are called fiction. generally fiction stories are created and delivered for entertaining purposes such as fairy tales, short stories and novels.

Fairy tales are a form of traditional stories or stories that are passed down from generation to generation from ancestors, serve to educate moral teachings and as well as entertain. As for stories those that are a relatively long work of narrative fiction and highlighting the character and nature of each actor in the story are called novels, and conversely a relatively short one is called a short story. Short stories tend not to be complex and usually focus on one event, have a single plot, a limited number of characters, cover a short period of time.

In the past, stories was generally told orally and spread from person to person, then developed along with people ability to write stories are also conveyed through writing or books. Until now, with advanced technology, a story can be made into a movie with amazing audio and visuals.

List of Stories Websites in Indonesia


Story sharing site, read novels online for free of various stories. A variety of short fiction manuscripts can earn royalties from writing at Storial.


Indonesian short story writer community, a collection of short stories by Indonesian people. Publish your short story here.

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