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Shopping is an activity in which a customer browses the available goods or services presented by one or more retailers with the potential intent to purchase a suitable selection of them.

Online store or online shop has made it easy for consumers to select any product online from a retailer website and to have it delivered relatively quickly. Using online shopping methods, consumers do not need to consume energy by physically visiting physical stores. Online retailers deliver their products directly to the consumer home, offices or wherever they want. This way they save time and the cost of travelling. Online shopping has become a major disruptor in the retail industry.

A marketplace is a location or a platform where sellers can come together to sell their products or services to a curated customer base. The role of a marketplace owner is to bring together the right sellers and the right customers to drive sales. Sellers have a place to gain visibility and sell their products, and the marketplace owner earns a commission from each sale. An online store, on the other hand is a single store selling its own products online and all marketing and operations are managed by the company that owns the website and products.

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The most complete online buying and selling site with a wide selection of trusted online stores. Online shopping is easy and fun at Tokopedia.


Online mall with a fun and simple online shopping experience.

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