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Religion Directory contains information about religion and a list of religion websites in Indonesia that related to religion, faith and belief, Islam, Catholic, Protestant, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Information About Religion


What is Religion ? Religion is a system of faith and worship to God with implement rules related to humans and the environment. Religion as a means to achieve spirituality, have different procedures in the practice of worship, prayer, meditation and ritual but still believe in the existence of God as a source of strength.

Religions have sacred histories and narratives, which may be preserved in sacred scriptures and symbols and holy places that aim mostly to give a meaning to life. Religions may contain symbolic stories which are sometimes said by followers to be true that have the purpose of explaining the origin of life, the universe, and other things.

Religious leaders give examples of attitudes and guidance to his followers and lead worship while religious holidays and worship together. Religious leaders play an important role in creating peace in society. Differences in belief or religion, the opinion of religious leaders, must be properly maintained and respect each other. With many religions and beliefs that exist in Indonesia, essentially Indonesian remains one entity.

List of Religion Websites in Indonesia


Islamic websites that try to spread islamic dawah with the breath of Ahlussunnah wal Jamaah. With the slogan purifying the creed, spreading the sunnah.

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