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Regional Directory contains information about regional and a list of regional websites in Indonesia that provide information about a regional, such as the provincial, district, village.

Information About Regional


What is Regional ? The Regional is an area that is surrounded by certain limits and become territorial for the community. In physically geographic areas different boundaries clearly marked and be an agreement among the regions. Each region is characterized by customs and cultural similarities on their society and vary depending on each region, thus it is easy to mark the boundaries of the area.

A region has its own nature that could not be moved. The first nature is its natural environment. The second nature is its physical elements complex that was built by people in the past. The third nature is its socio-cultural context that could not be replaced by new immigrants. In Indonesia, almost every region has its customs and culture are different from each other, so much cultural diversity in Indonesia.

Regions, in the context of administrative division in Indonesia are legal community units that have territorial boundaries which are authorized to regulate and administer government affairs and the interests of local communities according to their own initiatives based on the aspirations of the community.

List of Regional Websites in Indonesia

Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

The official website of the provincial government of D.I.Yogyakarta. Profile information, services and news in D.I.Yogyakarta.

Jawa Tengah

Central Java provincial government official portal. Profile information and news in the Central Java region.

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