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Organization Directory contains information about organization and a list of organization websites in Indonesia that provide information about an organization or foundation, activity, social assistance, and others.

Information About Organization


What is Organization ? An organization is where people come together to cooperate in a systematic, planned, guided and controlled in utilizing resources and facilities are used efficiently and effectively to achieve common goals. Every action done by an organization both legal and illegal reflects a goal in mind.

Organizations can also operate publicly or secretly, and legally or illegally, but to be an organization there must be four things. A goal in mind, a leader or committee making the decision, action involved, communication and members.

Organization or foundation that well regarded is the organization that can be recognized by the public, because it contributes to the local community. The benefits of an organization can change the life of the community, and offer good career related knowledge and skills, have the foundation to build an organization, set up and solve problems in a problem that often occurs within the organization.

List of Organization Websites in Indonesia

Djarum Foundation

Continues to strive to participate in advancing the nation by improving the quality of human resources and maintaining the preservation of Indonesia natural resources.

CT ARSA Foundation

Breaking the chain of poverty through quality education and optimizing health for underprivileged Indonesians.

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