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News Directory contains information about news and a list of news websites in Indonesia that provide information the latest news in complete and reliable, interesting information, and others.

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What is News ? News is new information or information about something that is happening and is presented through the mass media. News may be provided through many different media, such word of mouth, printing, postal systems, broadcasting, electronic communication, or through the testimony of observers and witnesses to events.

News of events usually take hours or days to become common knowledge in towns or in nations are fed instantaneously to consumers via radio, television, mobile phone, and the internet. Speed of news transmission of course still varies wildly on the basis of where and how one lives. But now, developments and advances in technology help delivery of news easier and faster, an event can be reported live.

The news must be accounted for truth, actual and informative. The news report is the task of a journalist, when the news reported by journalists the report became the latest facts and ideas that were purposively selected by the editors of the news to be broadcast on the assumption that the chosen news can attract many people because it contains the elements of news.

List of News Websites in Indonesia


The latest Indonesian news website which provides today news.


Today latest news index of events, accidents, crime, law, unique news, politics, and special coverage in Indonesia and International.

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