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Media Directory contains information about media and a list of media websites in Indonesia that related with information and communication media, television, radio, newspapers, and others.

Information About Media


What is Media ? Media is a means of connecting and communication that distribution of text, audio or video content to a dispersed audience via any mass communications medium. Media serves to develop freedom of opinion and disseminate information to the public. Along with the development of technology, the media increasingly efficient and fast delivery of information. Media technology has made information increasingly easier as time has passed throughout history.

The media is the one that reaches a lot of people because of the spread and reach of information far and wide. The media can be a powerful influence to the community, and be strong enough to make increase the popularity or break the future an individual or organization. Therefore, the role of regulatory authorities as an essential component of media independence.

List of Media Websites in Indonesia


A national private television station in Indonesia. SCTV is the second private television station in Indonesia.

IRadio Network

A radio that presents Indonesian music with broadcast content that brings up all the good and cool things about Indonesia.

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