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Employment is active activities undertaken by humans for a specific purpose that is done in a good and right way, and is used for a task that produces something of value in return for someone. There are many types of jobs, there is work to produce goods and can be seen the results of his work, there are also jobs that provide services and can benefit from its services.

Jobs closely with the profession and career. Profession is a field of work that requires intellectual skills or high level of education and ethical responsibilities in practice. Career is a job that has been done and related with work activities experience in a long time span and ongoing, to build a good career requires patience and consistency in doing the job as well as possible.

Getting employment in a particular organization or company will involve several stages of qualification, experience and interview, only employees who are considered potentially suitable to get a job. Humans need to work to survive. By working, person will get the money and money obtained from the results of such work are used to fulfill life necessities.

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