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What is Education ? Education is all forms of learning that contributes to the improvement of basic skills, intellectual and mental on each individual, develop self-potential and intelligence to make himself useful in society. As the times, education has changed significantly so much to change the mindset of educators, and it is very influential in the advancement of education in Indonesia. The purpose of education is to create a quality person and a character that has a broad view to achieve a goal that is expected and able to adapt quickly and appropriately in a variety of environments. Because education itself motivate ourselves to be better in all aspects of life.

Education can be taught through schools, universities and other educational institutions. Schools and universities is one of the formal education institutions as a center of learning activities into the expectations of parents, the community and the government because schools and universities provide educational services, teaching and training to acquire the knowledge, skills and affective for learners. Schools and universities as a center of education should be able to perform their functions optimally and its role can prepare young people before they plunge into the community. As an educational institution, the school has duties and functions for the implementation of educational activities with various processes. The activity was conducted in an orderly, organized, and systematic, so that can make people become educated and skillful that required in the implementation of development in a country. Good teaching is a major educational factors that deliberately created and used for the achievement of educational goals. With many educated population would be able to contribute more to the progress of the nation and society.

List of Education Websites in Indonesia

Top Guru

An online subscription-based hub to support and empower early childhood educators on their journey to creating an enjoyable early learning experience.

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Gadjah Mada University is a world class university that has become the pioneer of world class national universities that are superior and innovative.

Universitas Indonesia

The University of Indonesia has a ranking of the best public universities in Indonesia that located in Depok and Jakarta.

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