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Culinary Directory contains information about culinary and a list of culinary websites in Indonesia that discuss about culinary, food recipes, cooking, restaurant, and others.

Information About Culinary


What is Culinary ? Culinary is a part of life that is closely related to the practice of cookery or the activity of cooking and the daily food consumption. Culinary is also a way of making a processed food or cuisine of various food ingredients and seasonings. The cuisine can be in the form of side dishes, food and drinks starting from a simple meal to a high-class food and luxury. All it requires good processing in cooking, so that cooked food to be delicious. The chefs must always be creative in cooking to make food with new flavors and more delicious.

Each region has a taste of its own, so would not be surprised if every region has a different culinary tradition. Diversity of a society can giving variations and different foods taste, this is a great attraction for food lovers who love to travel to different regions and enjoyed the typical food of that region. Culinary tourism activities generally associated with hobbies and traveling, sometimes some people make this activity as a lifestyle and requires a fairly high cost to looking for food and drink that is unique and different atmosphere just for the sake of fulfilling sensation and satisfaction.

List of Culinary Websites in Indonesia


The most complete culinary platform in Indonesia to order cheap catering for events and daily.

Resep Koki

A recipe subscription site that has the most complete information all things about the world of cooking.

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