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Computers Directory contains information about computers and a list of computers websites in Indonesia that discuss about computers and computer accessories, software or application, and others.

Information About Computers


What is Computers ? The computer is a collection of electronic equipment arranged in series to form a tech machines with control the operating system and programs are able to receive and store data, to process and deliver results in the form of information in accordance with the operating procedures that have been formulated. To realize the conception of the computer as a data processor to generate the information, it would require a computer system whose elements consist of hardware, software and brainware. Hardware is the physical equipment that can be seen and touched, software are programs that contain instructions or commands to perform data processing, and brainware is a man who operate and control the computer system.

In the last few years, the development of computers is growing and will continue to grow indefinitely. We as humans have to keep abreast of technological advances especially computerized, so that we are not confused when using a computer-based devices and can make the computer as a tool to facilitate our work. The role of the computer is very important to people lives and business, computer capabilities in speed, accuracy, and integrity can assist human activities effectively and efficiently.

List of Computers Websites in Indonesia

Ilmu Komputer

E Learning community that distributes literature and lecture materials freely and for free in the field of computer science and information technology in Indonesian.

Smadav Antivirus

Antivirus for additional computer protection and USB flashdisk, protection from many widespread viruses.

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