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Company Directory contains information about company and a list of company websites in Indonesia that provide information about company, line of business, production, distribution and development.

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What is Company ? The Company is an organization founded by a person or group of persons whose activities are doing the process of production and distribution of economic resources to provide goods and services to the community with the aim of obtaining profits and satisfy the needs of the community. To produce finished goods and ready for consumption, the company requires materials and other supporting factors such as raw materials, auxiliary materials, equipment and labor. Companies can be public or private depending on ownership.

In general there are several types of companies among which, service company is a company whose activities are selling services, trading company is a company whose main activity is buying and selling goods without doing the processing of goods, manufacturing companies are companies engaged in processing raw materials into finished goods and then sell the finished goods. There are many small and large companies are involved in various business fields but it must have a vision and focus in the highly competitive business scenario.

List of Company Websites in Indonesia

PT Perusahaan Gas Negara

Indonesia largest national company in the field of natural gas transportation and distribution which plays a major role in the fulfillment of domestic natural gas.

PT Kencana Maju Bersama

A company engaged in the distribution of galvalum or mild steel manufacturing which is well known under the brand Kencana and has branches throughout Indonesia.

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