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Community Directory contains information about community and a list of community websites in Indonesia that provide information about a community, group of people, and various kinds of joint activities.

Information About Community


What is Community ? Community is a social group of a few people who care for each other, in a community occurs close personal relationships between members of the community because of their common interests and goals. A community always maintain a good relationship among its members, sharing information, do activities together, help each other and support to every member of the community. With many communities can easily a person to socialize with each other. The process of formation is horizontal because it is done by individuals who are equal in status. Community is an identification and social interaction are built with a variety of social needs.

Strength binder in a community that is most important is mutual interest in meeting the needs of social life which is usually based on the similarity of cultural background, ideology, socio-economics. Besides, physically a community are usually bound by the limits of location or geographic region. Each community will have different ways and mechanisms in responding to and addressing the constraints faced and developing the ability of the group.

List of Community Websites in Indonesia

Komunitas Taufan

Community volunteer activists for patients with cancer and high-risk diseases in children. Together we can lighten their burdens and share the joy.

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