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Business Directory contains information about business and a list of business websites in Indonesia that discuss about business and economics, trade markets, entrepreneurship, investment, and others.

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What is Business ? Business is an activity and doing work that related to the production and selling of goods or services that performed by an individual or group of people to the consumer with the main purpose is to make profit. Basically the function of business is to meet the needs of the community and increase employment because of the business activity requires labor. Sources of business activities that could be from finding and collecting raw materials, transform raw materials into finished goods and distribute the goods to the consumer.

With entrepreneurship can also support the welfare of the community by providing jobs, while helping social life and economy in the region. Business is very closely related to the economy which is a human action to meet the needs and improve the welfare with existing resources.

List of Business Websites in Indonesia

Latest news about business, financial economy and investment in Indonesia.

Bisnis UKM

Info on business opportunities, business ideas, franchises and business promotions. Learning business through articles and videos from the results of coverage or direct interviews from practitioners.

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