What is a Web Directory ?

Web Directory Indonesia - February 23, 2021

Web Directory

In general, a web directory is a collection of websites organized into categories and displayed in the form of a list of websites on each category. Most web directories list websites by website title. Each website provides information about a website including the website title, a description of its content, and a link to that website. Web directories are organized lists of web sites compiled by human reviewers or editor. Not a software program but a real person who identifying which websites should be included in the list of websites, which means that the entire web directory is selected manually. Web directories aim to assist internet users in finding websites.

Good And Bad Web Directories

A good web directory usually has a human reviewer or editor to review the website before it is added to the directory, all done manually without using an automated program. It doesnt matter if web directory submission might be a free option or something that requires payment, as long as there is always a selection and review of websites and only good quality websites will be added to the web directory. Because if there are no human reviewers or editors, it is feared that there will be a lot of spam and low-quality websites, which will make it a bad web directory.

How A Web Directory Works

Depending on how the directory web site works there are web directories that allow other website owners to request that their site be added to the directory, but there are also web directories that do not. For content to be added to a web directory, the editor has to manually include the link, title, and any other information they want included in the listing and arranged according to the appropriate category.

When you come upon a website directory, there are usually two ways to find content by browsing or searching. Categories are often used to separate different sites and better organize the directory, but there is usually also a search engine built-in that lets you search through the whole website.

Difference Between Web Directories And Search Engines

Searching for a website on a web directory is different from searching on a search engine. Search engines search for websites based on keywords. Search engine databases are compiled by an automated system and do not have a navigable structure, therefore keywords are important in searches on search engines. While web directories are based on categories and sub categories. Because data storage in website directory is grouped by category and organized by human editors. Thus, category grouping and web directory site structure are very important in browsing on web directories.

Benefits Of Web Directories

In addition, web directories can also help to promote websites and increase website rankings on search engines, or what is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Today submission of websites to web directories is considered a common SEO technique to get backlinks for the submitted website. Directory website provide quality backlinks from the appropriate category, in order to improve the seo performance of the website on search engines. This is the reason why many people need website directory and one of the web directories is Web Directory Indonesia.


Internet Directory

Internet Directory contains information about internet and a list of internet websites in Indonesia that related to internet network system, domain hosting, internet providers, programming, and others.


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