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What is Automotive ? Automotive is the science that deals with the machine, learn about how to design, create and develop the means of land transportation that use machinery, especially motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks. The first vehicle using the power of the steam engine was made in the late 18th century. Nicolas Joseph Cugnot is the first to successfully launch a three wheeled vehicle with a steam engine in 1769. As time went on until now, the development of increasingly advanced vehicle innovations rapidly.

Automotive is always evolving and increasingly complex consisting of many components and systems found on motor vehicles. To keep the vehicle to function properly, it needs regular maintenance service and periodically. Regular maintenance should be performed by an experienced mechanic according to standard procedures and according to the type of vehicle being treated as well as the kilometers that have been achieved.

In automotive engineering, mastering systems that exist on land transport tools are essential such as the engine system, power train, steering, suspension, brakes, body and electrical system. An interest for someone to learn the automotive field is very large, how they can solve the problems that exist in their vehicles. Many people who make automotive as skill, hobby and income from the automotive business that has good future prospects.

List of Automotive Websites in Indonesia


Automotive guide news portal, a guide to choosing the best cars and motorbikes before coming to the dealer. The credibility of the reviews results from the consistent testing of hundreds of new cars and motorbikes.


Latest news, unique and interesting articles about cars and motorbikes, exclusive photo collections, new car reviews, car prices and used car ads for sale.

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