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What is Arts ? Arts is beauty and the essence of the expression of human creativity with a positive goal to make the audience feel the happiness. Arts begins from creativity that created by human and it could come from the ideas, feelings, conscience, soul turmoil that are realized or expressed through certain elements that are wonderful to meet human needs that are limitless. Art can be expressed through the media such as sound art, visual art and audio visual art.

Art can be touching, art can unite all circles and the community, the arts can create familiarity and arts can create other things that we can not imagine. Art is very difficult to explain and difficult to assessed, how works of art can be created, and how a person can feel it. Change of mindset in society will also influence assessment of the beauty of the art.

Arts may already applied in our daily lives, it has become a human need and already present in the human being, perhaps unwittingly universe is also being created from the elements of art and God also gave the nature of art in his creatures so art can be associated with spiritual or religious things in a cultural element, but the art is in the form of human expression that has an element of beauty that is expressed through a medium that is real and can be enjoyed by the five human senses.

List of Arts Websites in Indonesia


Discover Indonesian contemporary art, art exhibitions, and Indonesian artists.

Mitra Seni Indonesia

Forum for lovers, observers, actors of Indonesian arts and culture, and also to develop the talents and potentials of its members in art and culture.

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