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Animals Directory contains information about animals and a list of animals websites in Indonesia that related to all kinds of animal, pets, animal lovers community, and others.

Information About Animals


What is Animals ? Animals are living creature that breathes and need food to grow and survive. Animals have mobility, rapid response to external stimuli and in its development grow to a certain major. In the wild, animals are very diverse such as birds, insects, fish, reptiles, mammals, and other. Animals have their own type of food, they eat plants or animals that form a food chain that plays an important role in order to maintain the balance of natural ecosystems.

Viewed by food, animals classified as two types. Herbivores are animals that eat plants and in general these types of animals are friendly and tame. Carnivores are animals that feed on living things other than plants. Some animals of this type is a wild and dangerous animals probably because they have the instinct to hunt or defend themselves.

Many people have animals as pets that are kept as a daily humans companion. Pets are animals that can simply be living near us to become friends and we provide all the needs of the pet. Usually popular pets are animals that have a character loyal to his employer or to have an attractive appearance, or interesting capabilities such a beautiful sound.

List of Animals Websites in Indonesia

Bali Safari Park

Official booking site of Bali Safari Park. Get up close and see animals from around the world on your safari adventure.

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