PNPM Mandiri
Date Listed : 17 February 2013

TitlePNPM Mandiri

National poverty alleviation programs, especially community based empowerment.
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About PNPM Mandiri

PNPM Mandiri is a national program in the form of a policy framework as a basis and reference for the implementation of poverty reduction programs based on community empowerment. PNPM Mandiri implemented through the harmonization and development of systems and procedures and mechanisms for the program, providing mentoring and funding stimulant to encourage initiative and innovation communities in sustainable poverty reduction.


Anshar Djie  |  Rating : 9 Stars  |  02 January 2015

PNPM Mandiri has much to contribute to the community in rural areas. Many development programs which in the end was able to reach out to people living in remote rural areas through programs PNPM Mandiri.

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