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Religion is a system of faith and worship to God with implement rules related to humans and the environment. Religion as a means to achieve spirituality, have different procedures in the practice of worship, prayer, meditation and ritual but still believe in the existence of God as a source of strength. Religious leaders give examples of attitudes and guidance to his followers and lead worship while religious holidays and worship together. With many religions and beliefs that exist in Indonesia, essentially Indonesian remains one entity.

Religion Sites

Samaggi Phala

Phala Samaggi Buddhist website can be used as a means of the unity of the people and Buddhist sympathizers.

Hidup Katolik

Mobilising the church more open to the creation of new Indonesian society more equitable, prosperous, democratic, and humane.


Pesantren Islam online by the Quran and Sunnah with the understanding of the Salaf Salih.


Sites that become a source of Christianity information for the Christian community Indonesia in the internet world.

Ceramah Islam

Collection of Islamic lectures mp3 complete, recitation mp3, free download audio Islam.

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