Sumatera Barat
Date Listed : 19 February 2013

TitleSumatera Barat

West Sumatra province, area profiles and governance, investment opportunities, tourism information, announcements and news.
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About Sumatera Barat

West Sumatra is rich in historical remains good from the building, governance systems and so forth. Region of West Sumatra province borders directly with the North Sumatra province in the north, the Bengkulu province in the south, the Riau province and the Jambi province to the east, the Indian Ocean on the west. Development is being and will be done in West Sumatra. should consider environmental factors and natural resources available. Development in this area should always be based on the utilization of natural resources wisely. The more a region has natural resources and utilization of the natural resources efficiently, then the well in hopes of achieving a state of life and welfare of the people of this region in the long term.

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