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Date Listed : 16 February 2013

TitleBank Central Asia

Largest private bank in Indonesia proper solution of your financial needs.
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About Bank Central Asia

Bank Central Asia (BCA) continues to grow and more and more mature. This is all because of the support unyielding work ethic of all employees and full support of all customers. In accordance with the slogan Always on Your Side, BCA strives to continue to provide services and solutions to customers in accordance with banking products and services that are needed. Our main priority is retaining the position of BCA as one institution payment service providers and leading transactions in Indonesia. Banking services are convenient, safe, and reliable is an important factor in building customer relationships and strengthen its position in the BCA as a bank transaction.


Ivan Sunandar  |  Rating : 10 Stars  |  11 November 2014

Very informative website about BCA, which is the market leader of Retail Bank in Indonesia. This website is very useful for every customers either corporate or retail. BCA itself which is owned by PT Djarum Indonesia has expanded a fair bit this decade. Its competitors are Mandiri, BRI, BNI are still considered cannot win against this bank if we talk about service and networks.

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