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Number one computer webstore in Indonesia. We sell a variety of computer products and equipment in Indonesia.
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About Bhinneka

Since the beginning stand, we are committed to building a resilient business that long. Giving priority to the brand image of the service and make it part of the work culture. Being number one webstore in Indonesia that provides completeness and ease of shopping. contribute to this country and bring more value to the people of Indonesia. We will always try and push ourselves to be one of the technology-based company that became the pride of the Indonesian nation.


Arya Dwibawa  |  Rating : 9 Stars  |  16 April 2015

Online shopping site with complete goods. Previously the price is expensive but now the price has begun to compete, probably because it has many rivals so the price war with each other. For me as a consumer it is very profitable. On time delivery and sometimes free shipping.

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